Yes we do have private option of app sharing. We provide a App feedback page, which has link based/password based privacy setup. Also we don't show these private apps in our Showcase.

Once you upload the app, you can check the 'App Pages' section inside you submitted app. Just get the page from 'App Page for user Feedback'.

We run android on AWS which results in lower prices for us and also makes our platform scalable on demand.

We do have native android app, through which you can play any app submitted on AppSurfer showcase.

You can download AppSurfer android app here

The App Run will run for 10 mins. After 10 mins the session will automatically expire.

Yes. AppSurfer in no way misuses or distributes your apk to third parties. So don’t worry your apk is safe with us. You may delete your apk from AppSurfer as and when you wish.

Yes it is safe. As soon as your App Run expires on AppSurfer all your app specific personal information gets discarded.

As developers you can upload your apk(installable) on our platform. In turn you will get an embeddable app widget. Users can interact with your app on the app widget.

You can embed this widget on any web page.

  • Your product page.
  • A blog on your application.
  • Any review page written by your users.
  • Blogs written by app-review bloggers.

This will give your users an actual app experience. Even your user can embed your app widget on their blogs, personal websites or on facebook, thus becoming free distributors of your app.

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If the app widget is taking a lot of space on your blog, we have a surf it button which you can be embedded on your page. On clicking the surf it button, the app widget will pop-up giving your users a chance to interact with your app.

Sandbox mode is provided by AppSurfer for developers to try their app on the widget before publishing it.

AppSurfer currently supports

  • GPS
  • Orientaion Sensor
  • Single tap or double tap, drag
  • Accelerometer

We will support other features in the near future:

  • Audio input/output
  • Camera input and output

AppSurfer does not support:

  • Multitouch support
  • Apps dependent on ARM native libraries need to compile their app on android x86. Then it will start running on appsurfer widget. To compile your app on android x86 please refer to www.appsurfer.com/porting

When you use AppSurfer to showcase your app, you get a unique universal web link for your app. Using that web link you can access your app from all devices from iphones, tablets, ipads, desktops, windows phones etc. Thus you get a greater social reach all together.