About Us

RainingClouds Technologies was founded on 1st May 2011. AppSurfer is a lone product of RainingClouds Technologies.

AppSurfer aims at liberating android from devices and taking it to the cloud. We strongly believe this has a number of break through use cases.

Aniket Awati

CEO & Co-Founder

A rare combination of business & technical acumen makes him the one stop man for all problems in our startup. Loves to solve complex problems and is equally moody to attend dull problems makes him an entrepreneur and a geek. A geekypreneur.

Amit Yadav

Business Head & Co-Founder

A born negotiator. All out start up outings are initiated by him, but paid by everybody else. Making him a perfect match as the business development head. Additionally loves to read/talk/play around with UI/UX.

Akshay Deo

CTO & Co-Founder

There are 2 things which define him “Code until dawn” and “lose weight”. A tech fanatic that solves most of his problems in the loo. Other than tech he loves listening to bollywood music. Once to retrieve his grooveshark playlist he gave up on a part of his code and reformatted his drive. At the end he put it as “Recoding with music is a perfect day.”

Ratnadeep Deshmane

CTO & Co-Founder

A Ruby chauvinist and the developer of our entire webstack. His reactions are restricted for Ruby haters. During tight releases he switches to his non panic and non reactive mode. Other than the web he loves to trek on weekends. Most of his time on the computer goes in searching for new treks.

Shrey Sharma

Software Engineer

A perfect example of a fresher who wants to learn. Loves to participate in all aspects of the startup. His inputs are well received at all stages from business development to web development to designs.

Harshad Gholap

UI/UX Designer

Colors, paints, photoshop, UI/UX is all that he has done since 2007. His lame jokes keeps us going for most of the day. Other than designs he takes keen interest in bodybuilding. A very weird combination of an athlete and an artist.

Alok Kejriwal


Alok is a serial entrepreneur, founded Contests2win (c2w). It was the world's first customized brands promotions website and has been a market leader in that space. Alok and c2w have gone on to create 3 new businesses - Mobile2win in China and India, Media2win and Games2win. Mobile2win China was acquired by Walt Disney.He is currently CEO and Co-founder of Games2Win.



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